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Engineering Venture

Engineering Venture

By In Blog On April 4, 2017

New Blog 1We’ve had a strong start to 2017, with some exciting project in the pipeline. During March, one project was actually realised, when we completed some of our first pieces of work. Following take-over discussions with a Belfast based engineering company, we secured the business earlier in the year. Now fully incorporated into the P&K brand, Pro-Kinetic Engineering was relocated to Saintfield and we began manufacturing new products and extending our market range for the construction sector. One of the first jobs to be completed, was a series of maintenance ladders for the roof of St Mary’s University College in Belfast. Pictured below is a photograph of one of the ladders with a pedestrian bridge, which may be seen from street level.


New Blog 2

Figure 3. Canopy and shutter

Not far from St Mary’s in the same area of Belfast, we were approached to assist with a refurbishment project of ClonardBoxin Club. The club, required shutters, but was also looking for a fixed porch canopy and a special piece of engineering artwork. The shutter was straight forward and something we supply day and daily, the canopy is a new feature, both of which may be seen below.

The building isn’t quite finished at this stage and window fitters are still working away in this photo, however the canopy and shutter are complete and will look well, one the signage has been added.





Figure 3. Boxing artwork at Clonard Boxing Club

Figure 3. Boxing artwork at Clonard Boxing Club

On the other side of this, the boxing club asked if we could erect a steel mosaic of a depicting a boxer. This proved to be somewhat of a challenge, but we managed to work out an idea to be able to help with the club request. A series of panels, making a giant canvas of some 22.5 sq/m were engineered, so that they could all be bolted together, to make one assembled piece. The picture was then produced by cutting a series of holes of varying diameter in each section. This afforded the look of shading. Once completed, each piece was polyester powder coated in a single colour of grey and then assembled on site. The result being what is seen in the photograph to the right.

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