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Roller Shutters

The preferred choice for roller shutter doors in Northern Ireland


If you need a roller shutter door for your premises then PK Shutters is the place to get assistance. Roller shutter doors are suitable for most locations as the specifications available are very adaptable. PK Shutters have the professional expertise to be able to fulfil your remit.

Manufacturing roller shutter doors for over 15 years, PK Shutters are able to offer a range of specifications to suit every need.

From small manually operated roller shutters to large scale industrial shutters; offering security and reliability. Galvanised heavy duty shutters that may be coloured to a more aesthetically pleasing domestic or store front design PK Shutters will be able to offer you that solution at a price that is right for you.

All manufactured to a high quality and CE standards as required by Health & Safety together with an exceptional guarantee period, PK Shutters service is hard to beat.

Installation or self-install are both options available to all of PK Shutters clients, contact us today and compare for yourself.

With pride in design and manufacture we at PK Shutters are confident that we can meet every customers’ need to provide a roller shutter door that gives accessibility and security in any industrial application. Roller shutter doors are available in both single and three phase power options and in a range of colours to match the environment or corporate colours. Doors may also be designed to suit apertures of any shape and can be manufactured to a considerable height and width.

The ever increasing need for the high street to protect itself against theft and vandalism, PK Shutters are able to design and manufacture a range of tailor made to suit the requirements of the retail sector. A comprehensive colour range will ensure that we should be able to match most corporate doors. Working in harmony with architects at design and build stage, would also ensure that the shutter would be hardly recognisable when open and would look smart and bespoke, when closed.

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