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Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are the most cost effective method or cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air in an area where you need o control the environment. PK Shutters strip curtains are manufactured from self extinguishing flexible pvc that will not combust. When hung, the strips are tough and flexible and are capable of withstanding repeated impact from lift trucks, pallet rucks and personnel. All strip curtains are extruded with round edges, making them pedestrian friendly and offer a visual clarity unrivaled by any other manufacturer. PK shutters are also able to offer strip curtains in differing colours to suit alternative needs. Al this is achieved due to advanced technology employed during the extrusion process.

The Hanging system also allows the strip curtains to swing more freely as well as offering a quick and easy replacement service in the event of damage. Available in different widths and thickness PK Shutters will be able to tailor a curtain specific to your individual need.

Once in place strips require minimal maintenance, just an occasional clean with a detergent solution. This will remove any grime and returns the curtains to their oriinal clarity.

Hanging systems may also be made from stainless steel if required for the agri-food sector.

Benefits of strip curtains
– Cost effective solution to heat loss and cuts fuel bills.
– Improves workplace safety.
– Improves working environment.
– Retains Heat and chilled air.
– Reduces dust and fumes.
– Assists to exclude birds and vermin.
– Reduces Noise levels.
– Temporary or permanent positioning.
– Suitable for all aperture sizes.
– Low maintenance.
– Simple to install.
– Easy to repair


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